Book on undercover acting

Art of Darkness: Ingenious Performances by Undercover Operators, Con Men, and Others

by Sara K. Schneider


Just like Scheherazade, undercover agents talk to save their lives.

Only if they put in a poor performance, they don’t see the curtain rise again.

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Art of Darkness pries open the virtuoso identity techniques practiced by undercover operatives, fugitives, disguise artists, pranksters, con artists, and federally protected witnesses. It draws on original interviews with undercover operators in order to show how identity artists — on both sides of the law …

  • obtain fake ID,
  • develop a disguise,
  • build their cover story,
  • maintain believability in street performances, and deal with threats to their identities …

… all without formal acting training.


 “Keenly intelligent and thoroughly engaging”

Arising out of public attention to Art of Darkness, Sara has trained law enforcement officers across the country anticipating or already working in undercover assignments through her workshop The Art of Undercover.