A graduate of Yale and NYU, Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D. became known to Chicagoland educators and administrators through her work as Associate Professor in the School of Advanced Professional Practice and Director of the Teacher Leadership Program in the National College of Education at National Louis University, Chicago.

Specializing in the professional development of working teachers as well as in arts in education, kinesthetic learning, and qualitative research methods, Sara brings her passion for building teachers’ capacity and confidence to her workshop participants and audiences, as well as her deep belief in the power of conscious physicality for promoting students’ readiness to learn, partnership with their teachers, and ability to self-soothe. 
She offers workshops to health care professionals, law enforcement, and clergy, as well as educators, furthering how providers in the professions bring their self-awareness, kinesthetic experience, and cultural humility to caring more compassionately—and effectively—for the minds and bodies of others.

Sara has taught and consulted throughout Chicagoland, building educators’ and administrators’ capacities to integrate:

She is available for district, school, and conference presentations, workshops, and trainings, as well as consulting and coaching.