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Maya Lila The Divine Play

A game for families at bedside

Just like individuals, family groups (or groups of friends) have a story. They usually have many stories – not always in agreement.

When a family faces a health crisis – for example, when a child has a serious chronic illness or a family member enters hospice care – questions of meaning and of who each person means to the others naturally surface.

Often, there is a void of some kind, the prospect of losing someone, or the reality that a sibling or a spouse has received less attention as someone else in the family has needed immediate help in dealing with illness or end of life.

What can be and must be said in the group, in an uplifting and collaborative way, with laughter, playfulness, fondness, and, where necessary, truth-telling?

Maya Lila The Divine Play is a storytelling game that embraces that stories can be both fun and difficult. Through an engaging, facilitated game, allowing families to share stories at bedside or in another comfortable setting, Sara helps family and close friend groups to make enduring meaning of changes in their sense of their wholeness by group-focused, arts-based healing.

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Why play? Won't discussing such things be painful to our family member or to us?

  • Often the person who is ill or even dying will gain comfort from knowing the family is playing (not working) to carry on without them at the center or to become more balanced.


  • Family members need each other as a source of support. It is easier to build the foundation before the loss than after, when people tend to retreat into their private griefs.


  • Through storytelling, the family recognizes what binds them together, both delightful and difficult, and can turn to each other more openly as a resource in hard times. The time to play is now.

Sara has an amazing ability to inspire, challenge, and support others.

She looked into my eyes and saw my spirit; she inspired me.

She created an environment that was positive and encouraging to everyone.