Practice on “Having an Offline” While Online

Have something to eat while working at your computer. This may be nothing new for you.(I certainly can’t pretend I don’t do this. That delicious coffee- house Hot Peppermint Mocha three computers ago? Well, it had a solidifying effect under the keys of that laptop. An expensive wintertime treat!)

Variation: Have a meal over Skype with a distant relative or friend. What can you tell about how the food tastes to them?

41 thoughts on “Practice on “Having an Offline” While Online”

  1. Wow! I like the someone in your lap suggestion. Even I would be called to pay attention to my bodily sensations. Actually, my cat often pulls me into presence, lying face up next to me and staring until I stop to hold and pet him. He must have been sent by Buddha to help me with my meditation practice. 🙂

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