Qualitative Research

Ethnography & In-Depth Interviewing


There’s more to what you know than meets the ear.  

 People interact with each other, with their surroundings, and with the objects and ideas in their lives in ways that maybe you can see … 

  •  … but you can’t describe. 
  • … or you can’t interpret. 
  • … or that you know are significant but you don’t know how.  

 Sara observes, questions, and articulates carefully, and with empathy for the players involved.  

 Based on what she sees and experiences herself, she knows what to ask.  

 Trained as an ethnographer who has made a name in kinesthetic approaches—sometimes known as body-based, immersive, or experiential approaches—to understanding behavior, intention, and values, Sara adds value to your organization by getting at the unspoken or the difficult to articulate. 

In-House Research Capacity Building 


Do you want to build your institution’s in-house capacity to get at the answers it seeks?  

Those new to conducting research on living phenomena (as opposed to looking something up) rarely know how to identify their key research question—much less how to ensure that the methods they’re employing to move toward an answer will actually take them there.  

 More frequently, they’ve written a survey or conducted a focus group that will LOOKS like it fulfills the requirements to “do research,” but actually suffers from untidy question framing or an inability to recognize opportunities for follow-ups that will take the team in the direction the real story looks like it’s going. 

Let Sara support your team. She has taught hundreds of practitioners to refine their ability to actually get the answers they seek.