Retreat Design & Facilitation

Most events your employees go to have enormous resources devoted to them yet they lose the opportunity to move people to creative action. They lack a clear design from the point of view of participants’ experience (as opposed to the presenters’ experience!).


Sara designs events for learning, action, and change, drawing on her deep experience in creating theatrical events and designing and leading professional retreats.


Her workshops and retreats hold their pitch for participants over time and kick off not just the call to action but the action itself.




  • Design and facilitation of events and experiences that:
    • galvanize participants toward action,
    • introduce and build ownership in change,
    • set up team members to solve new problems or to seek new solutions—or to bring their creative thinking to the fore in dramatically effective ways.


  • Partnership with in-house teams or trainers to fine-tune their design of events to have their maximum impact.


  • Coaching of organizational leaders for participant and audience impact


In Sara’s inclusive approach to event design, you can count on a well-crafted experience, respecting each function within a given system , so that, from the many places from which participants come, all walk away with exactly what they need to move forward toward the goal.


You did all that was necessary and more. No way could we have done all we did, and with a spirit and togetherness never experienced before. Not sure just how you did that.


She choreographs learning events, hour by hour, creating opportunities for varieties of interaction and idea development.


The retreat had wonderful pace and changing structures — excellent methods of engagement.